animaltalk top 100 function: 2009
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 5:52 PM                
At the glamorous award function on Saturday, 17 January, the Top 10 dogs enjoyed the limelight after a year of thrilling success in the ring. The AnimalTalk Top Dog 2008 is 'Quadey', KUSA Nat Dog '08 Ch. Agha Djari's Question of Honour at Accolades owned by Ria and Tex Wessels. AnimalTalk hosts the sought-after Top 100 all-breeds rating system.

"The Class of 2008"

The winner - the Afghan Hound: KUSA NATIONAL DOG '08 CH. AGHA DJARI'S QUESTION OF HONOUR AT ACCOLADES owned by Tex and Ria Wessels

1. Top Dog/ Top Hound: Afghan Hound - "Quadey" - 9119 points
KUSA Ant Dog '08 Ch Agha Djari's Question Of Honour of Accolades

The first Afghan Hound to win the Animaltalk Top 100 contest, Quadey is no stranger to the Top 10, having placed fourth in 2007.

2008, however, saw him truly come into his own. Quadey had a sensational year winning no fewer than 7 All-breed Best in Show awards and amassing the highest total of points ever in the history of the competition. In addition, he won the KUSA National Dog title and travelled to America to represent South Africa at the Eukanuba World Challenge.

Four year old, Quadey is a truly cosmopolitan dog. He was born in Germany out of a French dam and an Italian sire. Owner Ria Wessels says that as he arrogantly stepped out of his travelling crate she was shocked at how stunning he was.

Initially handled by Tammy Gilmour as a puppy, Quadey's show career really took off in 2006 when he teamed up with Nico Meyer as handler and ended the year in 15th position in the rankings. His winning ways continued with Nico at the helm until the last month of the show season, when Jane Kiefer took over.

Owner, Ria, says that underneath his typically aloof Afghan Hound exterior (which he works very hard to maintain), Quadey is very sweet- natured and loving. He also has, however, a wicked naughty streak and is banned from the back garden where he cannot resist the koi pond and pool – not a laughing matter when he leaps into the water after being groomed for a show!


2. Top Working: American Akita - "Bozack" - 6095 points
Ch Melodor Golden Bear at Montala

Bred in Scotland from an American-imported sire and an Italian champion dam, Wayne Streak's American Akita made his first appearance in the Top 10 three years ago, winning eighth position at the tender age of 13 months. 2006 and 2007 saw Bozack enjoying a sabbatical while his son Kianu was campaigned. A real chip off the old block, Kianu also ended up in 8th position in 2007.

Bozack returned to the show ring with a bang in 2008, winning an amazing total of 6 Best in Show awards. The highlight, according to Wayne, being the KUSA weekend where he won back-to-back Bests in Show at the FCI show and the KUSA Championship show, as well as Reserve KUSA National Dog.

Aside from his show-ring successes, Wayne says Bozack's love and affection for the family is unconditional and he truly is a great dog to live with.

3. Top SA Bred / Top Terrier: Scottish Terrier - "Clifford" - 5423 points
Ch Gladwen Black Magic

The Top South African bred dog for the second year running, George Loock's Scottie was originally bought as a pet, even though his breeder, the late Gwen Steyn, was convinced he had star potential. From the time Gwen convinced George to enter the SA Short-Legged Terrier Club show in 2003 Clifford and George have never looked back.

Today, George is firmly hooked on dog shows and Clifford has notched up an impressive list of wins, including the Animaltalk SA Bred Invitational in 2006 and a fabulous hat-trick of Bests in Show at the end of 2007 that catapulted him into 2nd place and Top South African bred in the rankings for that year.

Clifford continued to shine in 2008 and 17 Group wins along with 5 Best in Show awards saw him take top South African-bred honours for the second year running, along with 3rd place overall.

4. Top Herding: Bearded Collie - "Gabriel" - 4459 points
Ch Scottsdale Ocean Drive of Ashvale

Eileen Ashton's Beardie, Gabriel, fast-tracked his way into the lead for Top Herding at the start of the show season with a Best in Show win at each of the first three show weekends. He continued his winning ways throughout the year with multiple group wins, another Best in Show and a Reserve Best in Show, retaining his position as Top Herding dog for the second year in a row.

Gabriel's consistent wins also saw him move move up a notch from 5th overall in 2007 to 4th in 2008.

Imported from Germany, 5 year old Gabriel is also proving his worth as a sire with five of his off-spring gaining their championship status last year.  

Meanwhile, Eileen says, at home, he remains everyone's favourite, a sweet gentle boy who lives up to his name in every way.  

5. Irish Wolfhound: "Faolan" - 4241 points
Ch Swordstone Faolan

Breeder-owner Julia Lawson is particularly proud of her Irish Wolfhound, Faolan, who takes 5th place for the second year running. Now 4 years old, Faolan has already set records for his breed that will be hard to match.

His impressive list of wins for 2008 includes another 2 All-breed Best in Show awards, along with several Specialty Bests in Show and, the crowning glory - winning the Goldfields Dog of the Year contest and Runner-up at the Supreme Dog Competition.

A true gentle giant, Faolan is a charmer of note who adores people and, says Julia, he just keeps on giving. Because breeding giant breeds is a constant challenge, Julia finds it particularly rewarding to have Faolan's quality recognised and is especially pleased that he sired three litters of puppies during the past 12 months who, she hopes, will continue his legacy.

6. Top Utility: Lhasa Apso - "Myles" - 3046 Points
Ch Jalus High Flyer

Bred in the UK by Amanda Luscott, Myles is registered in the ownership of Jean Peden and Jacques Aucamp. He currently lives with and is handled by Jean, who says he really belongs to the Aucamps and she is deeply grateful to them for trusting her with their special boy.

The youngest dog to feature in our Top Ten, Myles followed a great puppy career in 2007 with a really super year in 2008, winning several groups, a Best in Show and two Reserves to make him Top Utility dog .... and all this before the age of 2 years!

Jean shares a special bond with Myles, a strong-willed and very vocal chap. He has loads of amusing traits, like tapping Jean's hand with his paw until he gets a biscuit after his daily groom and barking furiously whenever she lifts the receiver as he hates to see her talking on the telephone.

7. Chow Chow - "Kendo" - 3008 Points
Ch Kimekai Son of Samuri

Vanessa Nicolau's Chow Chow is making his third appearance in the Top 100, having climbed steadily from 66th in 2006 through 30th in 2007 to 7th in 2008 - a year of consistent wins including two Best in Show awards.

According to Vanessa, Kendo was outstanding from birth, having inherited the very best from both his mom and dad. She considers having those qualities recognised and rewarded in the show world as a great personal achievement, especially since he is homebred.

For Vanessa, Kendo's smile and carefree ways make him extra special along with the way he lives life to the full. Although very vain while being groomed, Kendo loves shows and travelling and is happiest relaxing on his cooling mat. At home, he thoroughly enjoys the company of his Chow companions, along with chasing meerkats, catching up on neighbourhood gossip through the walls, jumping over the hedge when bored and most importantly, his routine snuggle after supper.

8. Rottweiler - "Duuk" - 1996 points
Ch Mipret Duuk of Vongershan

Bred by Jan Pretorius, Shani Smit's Rottweiler, Duuk, has not looked back since he teamed up with handler, Sue Carter, at the beginning of 2008.

The highlight of Duuk's very successful show year was winning Best in Show at Goldfields along with runner-up Dog of the Year. He also sired a litter during 2008 from which two puppies will be campaigned in 2009.

Sue says that despite being rather strong at times, Duuk is a great showman and a pleasure to handle. A real ambassador for his breed, he is always a gentleman with other dogs and people and is a wonderful companion at home.

9. Australian Shepherd - "Ripley" - 1747 points
Ch Stavros B'leve It Or Not

A great showman, Lorette Gray's Ripley adores the ring. Bred by Jenni Gray, he is 3 years old and, according to Lorette, is always eager to please.

The Grays chose to keep Ripley because of his in-your-face attitude and he has certainly lived up to their expectations. Lorette describes him as wild at heart and full of himself, and she says she can feel him telling the other dogs to “move over, I've arrived” when entering the ring. That attitude has stood him in good stead and seen him enjoy a successful show year, winning several groups, a Reserve Best in Show and the Champion of Champions contest.

Most importantly, Lorette says Ripley is her “special man” and her favourite time with him is last thing at night, when all is quiet. He jumps on her bed, gives her a quick kiss on the cheek, stretches out and looks at her as if to say.....”see yah in the morning Mom”!

10. Miniature Poodle - "Leopold" - 1706 Points
Ch Warming Black Troubador

Fran Browning-Cristina's Miniature Poodle has finally broken the stranglehold that the Standards have had on the Top Poodle spot in the ratings for over 10 years!

Although not heavily campaigned, Danish-bred Leopold enjoyed a string of good wins during 2008, the highlight being his Best in Show under a British judge in Durban and runner-up at the Champion of Champions contest.

Having admired his breeder's kennels since the 1980's, the Brownings jumped at the opportunity to own Leopold when told that there was a wonderful male available. He was also a direct descendent of the kennel's first very famous bitch who they had admired in Europe many years ago, so it just seemed meant to be.

Not yet three years old, Leopold is a really sweet-natured dog according to Fran, although he can be very naughty when strangers come to the gate and is at his happiest tearing through the house clutching a stolen toilet roll.

11. Top Gundog: English Springer Spaniel - "Markus" - 1621 points
Barecho Making Waves at Whitesquall

Bred by David & Helene Bjorkman in Sweden, Markus arrived in South Africa in January 2007 and attended his first show a short while later at the tender age of 4 months. He won Reserve Best of Breed and the Puppy Group and his show career rocketed from there on.  

An exciting puppy career was followed, in 2008, by Markus's first championship show Group wins from the Junior and Graduate classes.  These wins, along with numerous group placings and two Reserve Best in Show awards saw him end the year, not only as Top Gundog, but also as the most successful dog from KwaZulu-Natal.

Owned by Louis Kruger and Camille Burger, Markus lives with and is handled by Louis, who says he will never forget the incredible journey he has enjoyed with such a remarkable show dog over the last 2 years.

12. Top Bitch: Whippet - "Greta" - 1601 points
Ch. Sol y Sombra Peppemint Crisp of Cottoncove

2008's Top Bitch, Greta, ended up with owner Bryan Kelly purely by chance when he raised a litter of puppies for the late Pascal Botella who was ill at the time. 

Greta has enjoyed a consistent show career – doing very well as a puppy and continuing as an adult - with numerous Group wins and placings and an All-breeds Best in Show. Her show record also includes winning the 2008 Animaltalk South African Bred Invitational Stakes at WODAC, earning Bryan a fabulous cash prize.

Described by Bryan as a deep thinker, Greta is also tenacious, sensitive and obedient and does have a tendency to sulk when scolded. Bryan says she is a wonderful little dog.

13. Top Toy: Yorkshire Terrier - "Classic" - 1309 points
Ch & Ch (Can) Durrer's Classical Masterpiece

Classic first caught owner René Potgieter's eye at the Yorkshire Terrier Speciality show in New York in 2006 when still a puppy. After months of negotiations, his breeder agreed to send him to South Africa in 2007, but only on condition that he returned to be shown in Canada in January 2008. He duly did, winning so well, that the Potgieters became increasingly nervous that his breeder might decide to keep him!

She didn't, and it was two very happy people who met Classic at the airport on his return in April 2008. His South African show career went from strength to strength, with multiple Group placings, the coveted title of KUSA National Toy and two Best in Show wins.

Along with the honour of winning Top Toy in the ratings, Classic was the only Toy to win an All-breed Best in Show in 2008, and as far as can be established he is the first Yorkie in at least 35 years to win a Best in Show in South Africa !

René enjoys Classic's lovely show attitude and ring presence and says he is the love of their lives, running the Potgieter household. They feel honoured and privileged to own him.

Here is the list of AnimalTalk Top 100 dogs:


1        9119     AGHA DJARI'S QUESTION OF HONOUR OF ACCOLADES                 .... AFGHAN HOUND

2        6095     MELODOR GOLDEN BEAR AT MONTALA                                        .... AMERICAN AKITA

3        5423     GLADWEN BLACK MAGIC (TOP SA BRED)                                      .... SCOTTISH TERRIER

4        4459     SCOTTSDALE OCEAN DRIVE OF ASHVALE                                   ....   BEARDED COLLIE

5        4241     SWORDSTONE FAOLAN                                                                  IRISH WOLFHOUND

6        3046     JALUS HIGH FLYER                                                                        LHASA APSO

7        3008     KIMEKAI SON OF SAMURAI                                                             CHOW CHOW

8        1996     MIPRET DUUK SECOND OF VONGERSHAN                                       ...ROTTWEILER

9        1747     STAVROS B'LEVE IT OR NOT                                                           AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD

10       1706     WARMING BLACK TROUBADOUR                                                     POODLE (MINIATURE)

11       1621     BARECHO MAKING WAVES AT WHITESQUALL                                ....SPANIEL (ENGLISH SPRINGER)


13       1512     MARECHAL POSITIVE ACCENT                                                        .POODLE (STANDARD)

14       1416     STRATHAVEN MS NEALA TO YOU                                                     AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD

15       1409     TERRADONEY PROSPERO                                                               POINTER

16       1309     DURRER'S CLASSICAL MASTERPIECE                                             ..YORKSHIRE TERRIER

17       1283     ADAMASDOR ROLLS ROYCE                                                            RETRIEVER (LABRADOR)

18       1263     BO-BETT'S RED BUTTONS OF CANTALIBRE                                      ..ITALIAN GREYHOUND

19       1238     FOXFIRE HIGH VOLTAGE                                                                 SIBERIAN HUSKY

20       1219     JENTAY BARON BEDAZZLER                                                             .BOXER

21       1138     LIBRA DARE TO DREAM                                                                   MALTESE

22       1028     ESCADA EMPIRE VON COBRA                                                           .DOBERMANN

23       928       VONGERSHAN ARRAGON                                                                 .ROTTWEILER

24       886       ESCORTS AMADEUS LE NOIR AT DOTCOM                                       ...POODLE (STANDARD)

25       839       CALMADY THE WIZARD OF SEAWIND                                               ..PEKINGESE

26       831       MIRRIYULA JUZ OUTA OZ                                                                COLLIE (ROUGH)

27       779       FENRIS SING SOLO                                                                         DOBERMANN

28       763       SCHARMLEUCT MACTAVISH OF ELVEDEN                                        ....DACHSHUND (LONG)

29       750       DANIEN HARRY HOTSPUR AT KAIKOURA                                          ..AIREDALE

30       739       DENOVA GET OVER IT                                                                     SPANIEL (AMERICAN COCKER)

31       706       FLEETWIND WIZARD'S CHARM                                                         SALUKI

32       695       BUKAVI HUYE                                                                                 BULL TERRIER

33       692       FOXFIRE PARDON ME BOYS                                                             SIBERIAN HUSKY

34       644       MELHAVEN MIRZA KHALAF                                                               .SALUKI

35       640       XANTAH ACE THE MATCH                                                                .POMERANIAN

36       633       FAIRMOOR ALIAS MR FINDLAY                                                         GREAT DANE

37       632       SYLON LEO                                                                                    STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER

38       584       STABLON DEFIANT MAXIMUS OF KILKENNY                                      ....STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER

39       570       IKILIIKKUJAN ROYAL ENVOY FOR FOXFIRE                                       ...SAMOYED

40       547       CISFRAN SIMPLY MAGIC FROM PEKEHUIS                                       ....PEKINGESE

41       542       MISTYDALE MAGIC IN BLACK AT GETWICK                                       ...DACHSHUND (MIN LONG)

42       533       BARLEYWOOD BACHELOR BOY                                                         .RETRIEVER (GOLDEN)

43       527       TAMNAVULIN PRINCE OF GOLD                                                        . RETRIEVER (GOLDEN)

44       513       LLANDIANS STORM CATCHER                                                            CORGI (PEMBROKE)

45       502       KAMCHATKA SUPERNATURAL                                                            SIBERIAN HUSKY

46       499       USAKOSE AIR OF SUCCESS OF GONDAWANA                                       RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK

47       495       CARTOUCHE MUKUNDI OF NYAKA                                                      RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK

48       478       CALMADY WHY NOT A ROSE AT XANTAH                                             POMERANIAN

49       474       CLARTAL MONTY OF SAARSVELD                                                       BOUVIER DES FLANDRES

50       471       VENRON ZULU WARRIOR                                                                 BORDER COLLIE

51       464       MARECHAL FAMILY TIES                                                                  POODLE (STANDARD)

52       457       WOLGEMUTH THUNDER'S LEGACY                                                     BULLDOG

53       422       ERIA PRO FENDER JAZZ BASS                                                           DOBERMANN

54       420       SNO KLASSIC NANUKE KNOWSNOLIMITS                                             ALASKAN MALAMUTE

55       419       MORNINGHUNT WILLIAM WALLACE                                                    BEAGLE

56       414       LEGRANT LAND AMAZING AMARANDA AT DONNEHAUS                           DOBERMANN

57       397       KAIKOURA KING'S ADVOCATE                                                           AIREDALE

58       379       NEWTOPAZ STARGAZER OF DUNSTARS                                              PAPILLON

59       379       WENRICK'S ONE MAN BAND                                                              SHIH TZU

60       369       AULDMOOR'S A CORNISH LASS AT FAIRMOOR                                   GREAT DANE

61       367       BRAGANZA BLACK IN A FLASH                                                          SPANIEL (COCKER)

62       366       TAMALPAIS KANSASKELLY                                                                ALASKAN MALAMUTE

63       362       LE POMMIER THE GLADIATOR                                                          POODLE (STANDARD)

64       360       SATINBOREAS SIGN OF THE TIMES                                                   MALTESE

65       356       SHAMANDA LAST OF A LEGEND                                                         NORFOLK TERRIER

66       336       DALLMALLI GOTTA HAND IT TO LABYRINTH                                       DALMATIAN

67       321       BROADLANDS BROCKIT LAD AT OCCULI                                           SPANIEL (COCKER)

68       314       LYNDERRY MAGNUM P I                                                                  SCHIPPERKE

69       303       BRILOWS BONNZ BOY                                                                    BULL TERRIER

70       292       AFRICAN ICE DIAMOND JUBILEE                                                      WHITE SWISS SHEPHERD

71       292       WHIRLWIND DREAM WEAVER                                                          WHIPPET

72       279       CALMADY I'M A GEM OF SEAWIND                                                    PEKINGESE

73       278       NOMVUYO AZUKA                                                                          RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK

74       266       XANTAH RICCOCHET XPRESS                                                          POMERANIAN

75       265       BERINACIOUS KNERSUS OF RAMINARTUS                                         STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER

76       264       KOKOMO SIMPLY RED OF ARYLLMAR                                               LHASA APSO

77       262       DURAMTI FOR I AM TITAN                                                             NEWFOUNDLAND

78       261       STRATHAVEN JUST PERFECT                                                           AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD

79       260       FAIRMOOR COUNT FABIO                                                              GREAT DANE

80       259       MILBRECHT BLITS                                                                         GERMAN SHORT-HAIRED POINTER

80       259       YOUNGSTEAD INNIS                                                                       SAINT BERNARD

82       258       NOMVUYO TALAMATEI                                                                    RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK

83       256       DANIEN MAXA MILLION AT KAIKOURA                                               AIREDALE

84       249       DOLCOED AURI OF SOUTHERNBELL                                                  DOBERMANN

85       247       ELVEDEN WALK THE LINE                                                                 DACHSHUND (LONG)

86       239       COTTONCOVE MYSTIC RIVER                                                          WHIPPET

87       236       NOREG ORIGINAL SIN                                                                     SCHNAUZER (MINIATURE)

88       234       KRISMA TRAVELLING MAN OF BEN RUADH                                          WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIER

89       231       FROSTEESKY NEO                                                                           SIBERIAN HUSKY

90       229       MIDNIGHTDREAM JACK SPARROW                                                    SHIH TZU

90       229       ROSHEEN AONTACH                                                                        KERRY BLUE TERRIER

92       226       ZELDA RASSENGAETEN                                                                    GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG

93       221       TANTARAN MAXIMILLION                                                                 CORGI (PEMBROKE)

94       220       SEAWIND JACK DANIELS                                                                  PEKINGESE

95       219       GLENFLORA SUZI SURVIVOR                                                            DACHSHUND (MIN SMOOTH)

96       217       MERVANDER HIDALGO                                                                     BULLDOG

97       214       ROCKABYE BUTTERLY BOOTS OF WAMPUM                                        MALTESE

98       212       RISEPARK WHISTLEBLOWER                                                            SCHNAUZER (MINIATURE)

98       212       CHEZENKO RISING TIDE OF SAXONY                                                  RETRIEVER (LABRADOR)

100     205       VALTINTA PICTURE PERFECT                                                            CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL


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