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For the purposes of broadening breed education, we present the following links to general and specific breed judging articles. As more articles become available, links will be added to this library. May we also encourage judges to notify SHOWDOGS of any worthwhile articles to which we can link to increase the learning experience.

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(Please respect the copyright owned by each of the authors)
Note: While some of these articles are based on standards not used in South Africa, they are, nonetheless, extremely useful tools to discover more about the breed. The more one reads, the more one
learns; the more one learns, the more one discerns.... and that's what full-rounded, balanced education is all about.


  Fault Judging - W.R (Bill) Polley
  Evaluating Dogs - Part 1: Soundness, Structure and Breed Type  
  Evaluating Dogs - Part 2: Balance  
  So you wish to judge? - Advice and Hints for Aspiring Judges - Dogs Worldwide  
  Arranging Breed Seminars - A Code Of Best Practice For Running Of Seminars - Dogs Worldwide  
  Fault Judging versus Faulty Judging - HJ van der Merwe  
  Judging under FCI rules - Grading and Critiques - Anne Indergaard  
  Judges' Issues and How to Address Them - Keven Harris  
  Judges Doing "Their Own Thing" - Ian Copus  
  Bites - Keven Harris  
  Self-defeating Breeders? - Gini Denninger  
  Retriever (Golden) - The Golden Retriever: An Illustrated Commentary On the Breed Standard - Golden Retriever Club of Canada  
  Retriever (Golden) - A Brief Commentary on Judging the Golden Retriever - Golden Retriever Club of Canada  
  Retriever (Golden) - The Correct Golden Retriever Coat - Golden Retriever Club of Canada  
  Retriever (Flat Coat) - Yellow Flat Coat Retrievers  
  Australian Cattle Dog - History of the Breed - Narelle Hammond-Robertson
  Belgian Shepherd Dog - Belgian Shpherd: Type and function - Anders Lyrholm  
  Bouvier des Flandres - Plain Truth About the Bouvier des Flandres - Jim Engel  
  Hungarian Puli - An Illustrated Guide to the Puli - Puli Club of America  
  Afghan Hound - Judges Study Guide (scroll towards bottom of page, follow PDF link) - Afghan Hound Club of America  
  Afghan Hound - The Afghan Hound - Questions Answered - Patricia Gilbert  
  Africanis - Edith Gallant (Also see website) NEW  
  Basset Hound - A Look at the Basset - by Dr. Leonard Skolnick  
  Basset Hound - What Every Prospective Basset Hound Judge Should Know: Thoughts on Judging the Breed - Andrea Field  
  Dachshund - The Dachshund - Questions Answered - Patricia Gilbert  
  Saluki - Dissection of the Saluki Breed Standard - Terri Fortner-Jackson  
  Saluki - Judging Salukis - Marilyn LaBrache Brown  
  Saluki - The Saluki - Questions Answered - Patricia Gilbert  
  Whippet - The Whippet - Questions Answered - Patricia Gilbert  
  Bull Terrier - The Bull Terrier Illustrated Standard - Bull Terrier Club of America  
  Bull Terrier - Judging the Bull Terrier - Victoria Corse  
  Bull Terrier (Miniature) - Judging the Miniature Bull Terrier - The DogPlace  
  Skye Terrier - Judging the Skye Terrier - Donna C. and B. Nolan Dale  
  Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Staffordshire Bull Terrier Illustrated Breed Standard - The StaffordKnot  
  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Judging the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Rattlebridge  
  Chihuahua - Judging the Chihuahua - The DogPlace  
  Italian Greyhound - The Italian Greyhound - Illustrated Standard - Lilian Barber & Angela Leonard  
  Pug - The Illustrated Standard - Pug Dog Club of America  
  Bulldog - On the Movement of the British Bulldog - HJ van der Merwe  
  Chow Chow - Judging the Chow Chow: A Positive Approach - Love Banghart  
  Chow Chow - Angulation in the chow Chow - Jo Anne O'Brien, D.V.M  
  Chow Chow - The Breed-defining Features - Vanessa Nicolau  
  Dalmatian - The Illustrated Standard of the Dalmatian - Dalmatian Club of America  
  French Bulldog - Judging the French Bulldog - French Bulldog Club of America  
  Poodle - Illustrated Study of the Poodle Breed Standard - Poodle Club of America  
  Shih Tzu - The Power of Positive Judging - American shih Tzu Club  
  Shih Tzu - Judging for the Specialist - Audrey Dadds  
  American Akita - Judging Akitas Part 1: Temperament & Character - Barbara Andrews  
  American Akita - Judging The Akita Part Two: Head to Tail - Barbara Andrews  
  Boxer - The Worldwide Boxer - Judy Horton  
  Boxer - Boxer Underground: Boxer Type - Judy Horton  
  Dobermann - DPCA Judge's Education Page - Dobermann Pinscher Club of America  
  German Shepherd Dog - The Illustrated Standard of the German Shepherd Dog - Linda Shaw  
  German Shepherd Dog - The German Shepherd Dog Illustrated Standard - John Ayotte & Bill Pfeiffer  
  Newfoundland - The Newfoundland - Newfoundland Dog Club of America  
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